Kirsten HellasThe Art of product Labeling

◦ Metal ◦ aluminium ◦ polyurethane ◦ polyester ◦ 3D embossed letters ◦ cast with chrome plating

Leading Marking Technology
& Product Presentation

Real precious metal Transcripts, 3D embossed metal letters and numbers, aluminium polyurethane or stainless steel, polyester or PVC. Our creations are applied to high quality products such as vehicles, elevators, stoves, furniture, cosmetics, wines, professional equipment and their packaging. The marking underlines the special value of the product.


Technological excellence and customised labelling solutions

More than 16 materials and more than 20 technologies and processes are used, making each product unique, exclusive and of almost unsurpassed quality. With over 60 years of expertise and experience, we are able to offer customized product labeling solutions for all your technical and promotional needs.

Our materials and technologies

Aluminium, brass, stainless steel, copper, nickel and tin are the most important metals we process. In plastics, we focus on polyester, ABS, PU (polyurethane), PS (polystyrene), PC (polycarbonate) and PMMA (acrylic glass). We also use leather, cardboard, textiles, glass, porcelain, cork and wood.

Our manufacturing technologies are as extensive as our materials. These include embossing, cutting, engraving, milling, laser cutting, engraving, overlaying, laminating, printing (silk screen and digital printing), painting and hot embossing.

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